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Lescroart reading The Fall

John Lescroart reading from THE FALL in Davis, California (thanks to Naomi Williams for the picture)

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Reading the newspaper is getting more difficult every day.  The political and racial tension seems to be bringing the sixties back to our front doors.  There is no doubt that too many young black men are being killed by policeman who are too quick on the draw.  Too many parents are burying too many children, and too many young people are more afraid of the police then they are of the criminals.  On the other hand, too many police officers are being painted with the same brush of bigotry.  The vast majority of these men/women in blue are out there trying to protect and defend people of all races, and battling a bigotry that ends in injuries and sometimes death.  Last week a New York policeman was executed while sitting in his car.  A similar thing happened earlier this year.  Somehow, someway we need to stop looking at each other as enemies and start seeing each other as friends.

John Lescroart gives us his slant on some of this bigotry in his newest book, The Fall.  Greg Treadway, a young, white middle school teacher devotes much of his time to mentoring young people in trouble.  Tanya Morgan is the sister of one of the young men that Greg mentors, and even though he doesn’t mentor her, he serves as her sounding board when she needs an ear.  Her death stirs up emotions in a town where no one seems to face punishment when a black person is murdered, and suddenly Greg becomes a suspect.  Lescroart does a good job showing both sides of a situation that has became way too familiar in our current society.

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May 5th is Publication Day for THE FALL

The Fall


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The Top Five Places to Meet Your Untimely Demise in San Francisco

Coit Tower at Night

Perhaps this recent posting of mine on my favorite city is the oddest entry that Simon and Shuster has ever categorized  under the heading of “Personal Growth, Self Help.” I love the photographs, and I think you will, too.

Also, THE FALL comes out Tuesday. have you pre-ordered a copy?

The Top Five Places to Meet Your Untimely Demise in San Francisco


A Judith Collins Review of my New Book The FALL

I’m grateful to all the reviewers who have been reading ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies) of THE FALL, my book scheduled to be published this coming Tuesday, May 5th. I hope you will pick up a copy at your local bookstore as soon as it is available, or (pre-)order your copy now.

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John Lescroart Shares Sacramento Memories on Video

MC_LESCROART photo by Manny Crisotomo

Newspaper reporters must work in so many media these days. Perhaps you have already read “Between the Lines: John Lescroart’s next legal thriller, ‘The Fall,’ out May 5,” the recent article by Sacramento Bee reporter Allen Pierleoni.

Here’s the video.

John Lescroart with the Sacramento Bee.